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MathOverflow is a relatively new place for mathematicians to ask and answer research questions or just watch other mathematicians' discussions to learn. Since it's growing like the arXiv, it's no longer possible for me to read everything interesting without investing "too much" time. Like for the arXiv, where we have the arXiv Blog that looks for some of the most interesting (physics) papers submitted, there ought to be an excerpt-of-MO, too. This way, you could subscribe to your special fields of interest in a feed reader and additionally read some not-that-specialised questions picked by someone else.

I'm not going to do this, but in this post I'll present some of my favourites from the last months at MathOverflow (omitting the more subject-specific ones):

The software MO uses is very well suited for this kind of excerpt, since there are permalinks not only for questions but for answers, too.

So maybe someone who is already thinking about being a math blogger will adopt this idea and watch out for nice general-interest questions&answers on MO, to blog about them occasionally (I won't).

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