Office hours / Sprechstunde: whenever I'm there (Wannimmerichdabin), room 69/226. There is also some fixed time where I am guaranteed to be there most of the time, look into the internal department website or Stud.IP for this.

There are several seminars I'm participating in, at least Oberseminar Topologie, Oberseminar Algebra and the Kollegseminar.

The Future

In Winter 2018/19 there will be a seminar "Knoten, Zöpfe und Gruppen" (Knots, Braids and Groups) where we study knots, links and braids with some focus on the braid group as fundamental group. I will also do exercise classes for Analysis I.

In Summer 2019 there might be lectures about something categorical or homotopical.

The Past


  • Summer term 2018 Assistent zur Mathematik II (BEU)
  • Winter term 2017/18 Assistent zur Mathematik I (BEU) and graduate seminar on Combinatorial Hodge Theory.
  • Summer term 2017 Elternteilzeit (parental part-time), no teaching
  • Winter term 2016/17 Assistent zur Vorlesung Zahlentheorie.


I held a PhD grant for almost 4 years, so I didn't have to do any teaching for most of the time.
However, I do like seminars very much.

  • Winter term 2012/13 (Seminar on Motives)
  • Summer term 2013 (Assisting a Seminar on Stable Homotopy theory, organising the GK1821 Seminar on Basic Notions, wrote a program for the GK1821 Seminar on Rational Homotopy Theory together with Jan Weidner)
  • Winter term 2013/14: on parental leave
  • Summer term 2014: no teaching
  • Winter term 2014/15 (Program and organization for the GK1821 Seminar on Homogeneous and Symmetric Spaces)
  • Summer term 2015: no teaching
  • Winter term 2015/16: no teaching
  • Summer term 2016 Assistent zur Vorlesung Algebraische Zahlentheorie.

As an undergraduate student I have been tutoring topology, complex analysis I & II and commutative algebra & algebraic curves at the University of Freiburg. Tutoring in Germany means to have a class of 5-20 students, to discuss and grade problem sheets the students solve each week after the lectures.