The Past


  • Winter term 2021/22 Fresenius Hochschule: Digital Applications & Data Management


  • Winter term 2019/20 Assistent zur Lineare Algebra I
  • Summer term 2019 Assistent zur Analysis II
  • Winter term 2018/19 Assistent zur Analysis I and Bachelor&Master-seminar "Knoten, Zöpfe und Gruppen" (on knot theory)
  • Summer term 2018 Assistent zur Mathematik II (BEU)
  • Winter term 2017/18 Assistent zur Mathematik I (BEU) and graduate seminar on Combinatorial Hodge Theory.
  • Summer term 2017 Elternteilzeit (parental part-time), no teaching
  • Winter term 2016/17 Assistent zur Vorlesung Zahlentheorie.


I held a PhD grant for almost 4 years, so I didn't have to do any teaching for most of the time.
However, I do like seminars very much.

  • Winter term 2012/13 (Seminar on Motives)
  • Summer term 2013 (Assisting a Seminar on Stable Homotopy theory, organising the GK1821 Seminar on Basic Notions, wrote a program for the GK1821 Seminar on Rational Homotopy Theory together with Jan Weidner)
  • Winter term 2013/14: on parental leave
  • Summer term 2014: no teaching
  • Winter term 2014/15 (Program and organization for the GK1821 Seminar on Homogeneous and Symmetric Spaces)
  • Summer term 2015: no teaching
  • Winter term 2015/16: no teaching
  • Summer term 2016 Assistent zur Vorlesung Algebraische Zahlentheorie.

As an undergraduate student I have been tutoring topology, complex analysis I & II and commutative algebra & algebraic curves at the University of Freiburg. Tutoring in Germany means to have a class of 5-20 students, to discuss and grade problem sheets the students solve each week after the lectures.