Konrad Voelkel

Research in topology, pure mathematics, used to work at Osnabrück University (within the group "Geometrie und Topologie"
and the Graduiertenkolleg GK1916, "Combinatorial Structures in Geometry"). Before that, I did my PhD at the Graduiertenkolleg GK1821, "Cohomological Methods in Geometry" Freiburg, Germany), working on applications of homotopy theory to algebraic geometry (motivic homotopy theory). My PhD advisor was Matthias Wendt.

I am also very active in the coordination team of the regional group of Scientists for Future Osnabrück, a science communication effort, where we organize a lecture series for the public on climate change, among many more outreach actions.

Winter 2020/21

No teaching.

Summer 2020

No teaching.

Winter 2019/20

Teaching: Übungen (Exercises) Linear Algebra I on Fridays 12-14 Stud.IP link

In late October (24.10.--25.10.) I co-moderate a workshop for our new tutors: Tutorenschulung 2019, for which participants should be registered already in Stud.IP.

(past teaching stuff)

Preprints of my work can be found on the arXiv. My PhD thesis is published at the University of Freiburg FREIDOK.

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