Summer 2013

GK1821 Seminar "Rational Homotopy Theory and Applications"

  • The program by Jan Weidner and me (updated May 7).
  • Prerequisites: Fundamental groups, singular cohomology, smooth manifolds, de Rham cohomology
  • Time and Location: Wednesday, 14-16h (s.t.) in SR 404
  • For your consideration: List of Errata to the Book [FHT]
  • Schedule:
    1. 17.4. - Basics of Homotopy Theory I (Grimm, Koenen)
    2. 24.4. - Basics of Homotopy Theory II (Harrer)
    3. 08.5. - Rational Homotopy Theory I (Jörder, Feng)
    4. 15.5. - Rational Homotopy Theory II (Sigloch)
    5. 29.5. - First Geometric Applications (Voelkel)
    6. 05.6. - Examples (Graf)
    7. 12.6. - Loop Spaces (Weidner)
    8. 19.6. - Geodesics (Goette)
    9. 26.6. - String Topology (Fabert)
    10. 03.7. - Iterated Integrals (Huber)
    11. 10.7. - Tate Motives and Rational Homotopy Theory (Wendt)
    12. 17.7. - Formality of Kähler Manifolds (Soergel)

Seminar on Basic Notions: "What is ..."

  • Prerequisites: being a student and not yet a professor
  • First Meeting to choose talks: in the GK1821 Blockseminar, 27.02.2013
  • Time and Location: biweekly Friday, 9-10h in SR 403
  • Abstract: The goal is to introduce and explain some basic notions that one encounters frequently in talks in other seminars, which are almost never explained (because they're basic). Professors are not allowed to come; this might encourage students to ask every single question they have.
  • Schedule: (14 weeks => 7 talks; every other week)
    • 26.4. - Alex K: What is Kodaira Vanishing?
    • 10.5. - Oliver S: What is Intersection Cohomology?
    • 24.5. - Oliver F: What is Morse Theory?
    • 07.6. - Jan W: What is a Stack?
    • 21.6. - Felix G: What is a Quantum Field Theory?
    • 05.7. - Patrick G: What is a Surface Singularity?
    • 19.7. - Magnus E: What is a Modular Form?
  • If you give a talk in this seminar, you might want to ask around what the others know already. Please keep in mind that we have less than 60 minutes for the talk together with any questions, so you better plan with 45 minutes or even less in mind (at 10:00 strict, some of us move on to the Oberseminar Algebra). You better have a single, easy-to-grasp take-home message delivered by then.
  • Further suggestions for talk topics (for the next term!): Noncommutative Geometry, Surgery, Arakelov Theory, Operads, Mixed Hodge Structures and Hodge Modules, Alterations, Derived Categories, Schemes, Hilbert Schemes, Quivers, Spectral Sequence, Minimal Model Programme, p-adic Lie Group, Class Field Theory, Conformal Field Theory, Topological Quantum Field Theory, Geometric Invariant Theory, Floer Homology, The field with one element, Witt Vectors, Perverse Sheaves, D-Modules, Fourier-Mukai Transforms, Rigid Geometry, L-Functions.
  • Follow-up seminar here.

Seminar "Stabile Homotopietheorie" bei Prof. Dr. S. Goette