Some Interesting Events in the Future:

[Last update: 2019-03-22]

I select these events based on my interests and geographic proximity. If you notice I'm missing something relevant, please tell me! Also note that I probably won't go to most of these.

  • Berkeley (MSRI), 22.01–24.04.2019, Program Derived Algebraic Geometry
  • Regensburg, 9.–12.4.2019 Conference on Derivators
  • Bochum, 10.–11.5.2019 31st NRW Topology Meeting
  • Stockholm, 20.–24.5.2019 Master Class "Elliptic Motives"
  • Trento, 3.–7.6.2019 Summer School "Motives Today"
  • Edinburgh, 3.–14.7.2019 Summer School and Conference "Geometric representation theory and low-dimensional topology"
  • Bonn, 9.–14.6.2019 Arithmetic and Geometry of Algebraic Varieties
  • Copenhagen, 24.–28.6.2019 The Center for Symmetry and Deformation in Copenhagen is celebrating its 10 years anniversary
  • Leeds, 24.–28.6.2019 Summer School on Higher Topos Theory and Univalent Foundations
  • Rheinböllen (Germany), 7.–13.7.2019 European Talbot "Algebraic K-Theory"
  • Lausanne, 22.–26.07.2019, YTM2019
  • Regensburg, 28.7.–2.8.2019, Non-Archimedean and Tropical Geometry, young researchers conference
  • Genova, 11.–13.9.2019 Conference on Algebraic Combinatorics
  • Karlsruhe, 23.–26.9.2019, DMV Jahrestagung (German Math Soc) - There you can meet me
  • Essen, 30.9.-2.10.2019, SPP 1786 Jahrestagung
  • Online on Thursdays at 11:30am in Detroit (Eastern time) so 17:30 german time, ECHT (Electronic Computational Homotopy Theory) Seminar - sometimes there are videos for streaming/download later.
  • Berkeley (MSRI), 21.01–29.05.2020, Program Higher Categories and Categorification
  • Fields Institute, January-June 2020, Program Toric Topology and Polyhedral Products (3 Workshops: The Homotopy Theory of Polyhedral Products, 20-24 January 2020, The Topology of Torus Actions, 23-27 March 2020, Polyhedral Products in Geometric Group Theory, 25-29 May 2020)

Looking for other conferences and summer schools?

To find out where the interesting stuff happens, I recommend
Andreas Holmstrom's list of lists of events as well as The SPP 1786 priority programme 'Homotopy Theory and Algebraic Geometry' event list and the (relatively young) Also, the announcements from the Graduiertenkolleg "Cohomological Methods in Geometry" in Freiburg can be quite interesting!

Where I was in the past











  • I did a one-term course in linear algebra during school in Münster.
  • I studied Mathematics and Computer Science in Karlsruhe from winter 2006 until summer 2007, maybe you've seen me at my student job at the FZI (IPE) there.
  • I studied Mathematics and Physics in Freiburg from summer 2007 on, I've been tutoring topology, complex analysis I, complex analysis II and commutative algebra there.
  • 2008, I participated in a one-term course of Carayol in Strasbourg on deformations of Galois representations.
  • From october 2009 until july 2010, I was in Paris (Jussieu) for the second year of the Master (M2) with the Erasmus program.

Virtual appearances

I'm on MathOverflow, GitHub, Google+ (until it's dead) and occasionally on the english Wikipedia. You may encounter my face on Xing, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram - but I do not visit these places regularly and any information there is outdated.