Konrad Voelkel

Postdoc in topology, pure mathematics, working at Osnabrück University within the Graduiertenkolleg GK1916, "Combinatorial Structures in Geometry". Before that, I did my PhD at the Graduiertenkolleg GK1821, "Cohomological Methods in Geometry" Freiburg, Germany), working on applications of homotopy theory to algebraic geometry (motivic homotopy theory). My PhD advisor was Matthias Wendt.


Winter 2016/17

Assistent zur Vorlesung 'Zahlentheorie' bei Holger Brenner.


Summer 2016

Assistent zur Vorlesung 'Algebraische Zahlentheorie' und Projektseminar 'Codimension 2' bei Fritz Hörmann.

(past teaching stuff)


A preprint of previous work can be found on the arXiv.

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