Konrad Voelkel

PhD student of pure mathematics at the Graduiertenkolleg GK1821, "Cohomological Methods in Geometry" (Freiburg, Germany), working on applications of homotopy theory to algebraic geometry (motivic homotopy theory). My advisor is Matthias Wendt.


NEW: 27--28.11.2014 there will be a little meeting in Freiburg, around "Non-Computational Computer Tools for Pure Math", exploring the space between mathematical knowledge management and proof assistants. More information will be available very soon.

NEW: 23.02.2015 there will be a day of lectures in Freiburg, on "Topology and Big Data", introducing newcomers to Persistent Homology. More information will be available very soon.


Summer 2014
I don't do any teaching.

(past teaching)


Preprints can be found on the arXiv.

You can contact me, look at my CV or look up where you've seen me and which upcoming conferences and summer schools I will attend.

More info on my PhD project "Stable Motivic Cell Structures of Spherical Varieties" is available here.

I blog about mathematics,
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